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Lawrence Taylor woke up to drink coffee with his wife and four daughters at the family farm where he spent many of his days hunting and fishing on the land in Boykin, South Carolina; the same land where had raised four daughters to love the outdoors. He watched his middle daughter, Montgomery, get ready for the biggest day of her life while the others put the finishing touches on the tent in the front yard, marveling at what a breathtaking reception venue his farm had become. After the ceremony at Swift Creek Church, everyone returned to the farm and Montgomery danced the night away just like she had as a little girl. Only this time, instead of wearing camouflage clothes with an orange bandana and holding a salamander in her hand, Montgomery was wearing a breathtaking white dress and dancing alongside the man she was prepared to spend the rest of her life with. Watching his daughter twirl around in utter bliss, Lawrence wished that he could tell every other father out there that the ‘good ol days’ are happening right now. No day can be better than the present.

photographer: Courtney Wise Photography