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We understand that when planning a dream wedding, not every bride immediately imagines what her invitations will look like. These crucial pieces of the wedding puzzle get left out of planning despite being one of the most important steps. Most brides would rather try on dresses and eat cake, but let’s give credit where is due. In the South, family and friends are everything, so why should invitations be put on the backburner? Today we’re going to talk about 9 ways to make your guests feel as special as you do on your big day, months before they pick a side of the aisle.


{Photography Credit : Izzy Hudgins Photography} {Stationary Credit : Miss Wyolene}


9.  Know who’s hosting, and how to address the situation. If the bride and groom are paying for the wedding, the invitation will be worded differently than if the bride’s family is paying. Make sure you know how to give credit properly.


{Photography Credit : Timwills Photography}

8. Use formal spelling on envelopes: Street, Apartment, Boulevard, etc. It looks better than abbreviations.

7.  Don’t mention anything about gifts on the invitation. If you’d like, put your wedding website on your save the dates. Otherwise, let your bridal party and family know about registries. Trust me, they’ll tell people.

6.  Address guests as Mr. and Mrs. Groom’s Name – Weddings are formal. Your invitations should be too.

{Photography Credit : White Rabbit Studios} {Invitation Credit : Salt + Paperie}

{Photography Credit : White Rabbit Studios}
{Stationary Credit : Salt + Paperie}

5. Have guests RSVP at least 3 weeks before the ceremony so you have time to

confirm with all of your venues.

4. Save the dates – send them out six months in advance to make sure guests have adequate time to make accommodations. If you’re lucky enough to have a destination wedding, give guests a year. Their savings accounts will thank you.

{Photography Credit : Vine & Light Photography} {Stationary Credit : Wanderer}

{Photography Credit : Vine & Light Photography}
{Stationary Credit : Wanderer}

3. Send your invitations (with a dress code) two months before the wedding. It’s the perfect balance of time: not too far away, and not too close.

2. Handwrite names and addresses on envelopes – nothing says, “I care about you” like taking time out of your day to handwrite a letter. The same applies to invitations. Plus, they just look better (and if you think your handwriting doesn’t cut it – check out a calligrapher)


{Photography Credit : Timwill Photography}

1. Be creative! This year we’ve seen invitations that really show the personality of couples with flow charts, funny RSVPs, and so much more. Be brave, and remember that some rules were meant to be broken.

Bonus: Send out thank you notes two weeks after you receive a gift. And don’t forget that handwritten note!

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