Christen Jones Photography

Photography/Videography / Tennessee

(901) 230-4263
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Christen, the owner of Christen Jones Photography was interested in photography at a very young age. She recalls going to Walgreens and printing off pictures of her and her friends and distributing them as one of her first experiences with pictures. When she turned 26, she also turned her love of pictures into a career. She went to her friend Jamie – who later became a part of the awesome team at Christen Jones – to teach her the art of photography. Christen quickly learned that weddings were her calling and started her business as a wedding photographer. She loves capturing all of the lovely aspects of a wedding and especially adores the looks into each others eyes that she captures so well.

Christen’s team is small but mighty and is able to tackle even the biggest of celebrations. They are truly a multi talented team and love to capture your relationship in all of its stages, from engagement to when you welcome your little ones into the world. At Christen Jones, they are oh-so passionate about what they do and that shows through their beautiful photos. Each set tells a beautiful story, so call on Christen Jones Photography to capture your story and lock it away in time for you to hold on to and cherish forever.