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Ballet Blast by Sassy is the first method launched in the Naturally Sassy online studio. Ballet Blast makes the ballerina physique accessible to all, fusing strength and conditioning training with ballet principles. Unlike many fitness classes that feel like you’re clenching and shortening the body to feel the effect, this whole-body approach to movement uses your body as resistance to burn fat and create long, lean, sculpted muscle. The naturally sassy online studio is designed to make your training accessible wherever you are, streamed directly to your device. With 10-15 minute targeted workouts for you to pair up and create a powerful program for yourself.

Here are a few Ballet Blast moves to tone your legs and glutes.

Repeat each movement 12 times with 3 repetitions.

1) Swan Lunge
This exercise is a great go-to for toned legs, working the glutes, quads, hamstrings and inner thighs. As you pivot from the second position into the lunge you’ll engage through the abdominals and back muscles which act as stabilizers during the exercise.

a) Start in a turned out second position feeling the big toe anchored into the mat, making sure your knees are aligned over toes. Squeeze the glutes forward to help lock the turnout. The arms are also in a second position, the shoulder blades retract and the arms slope down from shoulder to fingers, with the elbow lifted.
b) From your starting position transfer your weight onto the supporting leg lifting the other heal off the mat.
c) Pivot into the swan lunge. The majority of your body weight should be on the front foot, make sure in this position you’re hips and shoulders are level. The hands are slightly in front of your head, wrists touching and elbows soft.

To repeat this exercise to the other side reverse the movement back to the starting position.

2) Lunge and Launch
This exercise tests your balance, engaging the core for stability throughout. It’ll particularly work your glutes, quads, hip flexors, and calves while also improving your coordination and core strength.

a) Start in a lunge, hips are level and arms are in a fifth position overhead. The majority of your body weight should be on your front foot in
preparation for the next position.
b) Push off from the lunge driving your knee towards your chest. The arms simultaneously move from fifth position to first, framing the knee. The chest is lifted, and shoulder blades are retracted back and down.

3) Passé and Extend
This exercise lengthens the hamstrings whilst contracting and toning the quad and hip flexor muscles. Your core will engage to control the balance and help your quads hold the leg in extension for a second longer.

a) Start in a parallel passé with first position of arms, framing your knee. Feel the big toe pushing into the floor, allowing you to find stability as you lock the alignment of your knee over your toes.
b) Maintain the height of your knee and extend the lower leg. The arms also lengthen with the opposite arm to leg pointing in front and the other pointing to the side.

As a former ballerina, personal trainer and best-selling cookery author,  Saskia (Sassy) Gregson-Williams launched Naturally Sassy to inspire women to love the skin they’re in through great tasting food and butt-lifting movement. Naturally Sassy is a fitness and food global platform where users from over 70 countries stream ballet-inspired workouts and discover plant-based recipes.

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