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By Michelle Schroeder-Gardner


With all the excitement and bustle that comes along with planning your big day, it’s easy for couples to overlook the importance of having financial conversations. Having money talks with your significant other is extremely important for financial success, especially before tying the knot.

Talking About Money Before Tying The Knot Optimism Wall

Unfortunately, many couples are now faced with the decision of postponing their nuptials due to COVID-19. With tough conversations happening with you and your future spouse, your families and your vendors, you might be hesitant to add another seemingly high-pressure conversation to the list. But, learning about money can help you reach financial success in life, and a great way to take the first step is by talking about money with your partner.

There is an interesting study by Frost Bank ( which linked optimism and financial well-being that found optimists are 7 times more likely to experience better financial health than pessimists. It also uncovered simple habits anyone can adopt to become more optimistic and improve financial health, with one of those habits being willing to talk about your finances more openly.

Add creating a “Money Do List,” to your “Honey Do List,” to help become better at managing money, especially as you begin financing with someone.

1. Regularly talk about money.

Have regular money meetings with your partner, as talking about money is an essential step for every partnership. Be open about your financial situation because it will help prevent financial surprises and it will enable both sides of the relationship to be aware of the finances.

2. Define financial goals.

Have a conversation with your partner to define your goals. Discuss your ideas of how you’d like to manage your money, how to invest for retirement, save money for vacations, and so on. If you and your partner are both putting time and thought towards your financial goals, you can work on them as a team and are much more likely to have a positive outcome.

3. Create a budget together.

In the Frost Bank study ( mentioned earlier, optimists found it important to have a rough plan in place, and building a budget is the first step. Create a spending plan with your partner that is easy to maintain and fits your shared priorities in life and maintain it together so that you’re both on the same page. A budget can keep you mindful of your income and expenses. With a monthly budget that you create with your spouse, you will know exactly how much you can spend in a category each month, how much you have to work with and what spending areas need to be evaluated, among other things.

4. Find ways to be positive.

Your mindset is critical when it comes to achieving greater financial health in a relationship. According to the Frost Bank study, 9 out of 10 people want to be more optimistic, which in turn, can lead to greater financial well-being. No matter how bad life may seem or how hectic the wedding planning process becomes, having a positive outlook can truly help you persevere through more difficult times.


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