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One of the very first and most important decisions you’re going to make while preparing for your wedding will be selecting the venue. The right wedding venue will provide an ideal backdrop for the commencement of your happily ever after with your spouse. The venue will set the tone for your wedding. It will significantly influence the kind of experience your guests and most importantly, you and your spouse, the couple of the day will have. Choosing the perfect wedding venue is not too difficult though, so you don’t have to feel pressured. With this guide, you’ll be able to pick the right venue easily and move on to other preparations for the day you say ‘I do!’. Keep these tips in mind when you start looking for a venue:

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Start Hunting for a Venue Early
You have a higher chance of securing the venue of your dreams if you start early. If you procrastinate when it comes to booking a venue, chances are, all the amazing ones will get booked and you might have to compromise. You shouldn’t have to compromise on any aspect of your wedding. So, start the hunt as soon as you can. It could be helpful if you have a little flexibility around the date. You could choose a venue and then decide on a suitable date according to its availability and your preference.

Take Your Guest List and Venue Capacity into Account
Your chosen venue cannot be too large or too small for your expected guest count. The space and celebrations should feel intimate and fun, not overcrowded and stuffy or empty and cold. To be able to decide, you need to have an idea about the number of people you’re both going to invite to the wedding celebration, even if you don’t have the actual guest list.

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Consider the Location and Transportation Options The U.S. has scenic beauty ranging from the sands of Florida to the snowy peaks in Colorado, but the unique wedding venues in California have some magic of their own. Choose a location that is not only appealing but also easy to reach through various transportation options. Ideally, you should be able to provide straightforward directions for reaching the location to your guests. You might also want to check for vacancies in nearby hotels for the sake of your guests.

Check the Venue Package Against Your Budget
If a venue does not offer a full-service package, the cost is likely to be lower. You can then opt for lower-cost vendors outside. This kind of arrangement might be best for couples looking for economical options. Some venues offer irresistible packages in terms of convenience and price. If you’re going for a venue offering a full-service package, you’ll need to allocate about 40 to 50 percent of your budget to it. You need to have at least a rough idea of your budget before you go scouting for a venue.

Type of Venue, Your Wedding Style, and Your Dream Aesthetic
The intended theme of your wedding and your dream aesthetic are also important factors to consider while selecting a venue. Some themes are more applicable to certain types of themes and vice versa. For a more classic wedding, you’ll be better off with an indoor venue. If you want your wedding to have a rustic theme, it might be better to choose an outdoor venue such as a scenic garden in full bloom. Consider all factors and shortlist a few options. Discuss these options with your partner and the wedding planner. Weigh the pros and cons, and then finalize the most suitable option.

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Questions to Ask Before Booking the Wedding Venue
Before you finalize a venue, try to get answers to these questions:
About the availability of the venue:
1. Is the venue available for your chosen date?
2. Are there any other events scheduled for the same date? Are these other events planned for the same time, or before or after your wedding festivities? What is the likelihood of disturbances, delays, or conflicts due to overlap in
the timings of the events?

Concerning the capacity:
1. Will the venue accommodate all your guests comfortably?
2. Does the venue have a minimum guest count requirement?
3. What is the maximum number of guests the venue can accommodate?
4. Does the venue have any area-specific restrictions in terms of guest count?
5. What are the options for seating arrangements?

Regarding the package:
1. Does the venue provide any service package? What are the inclusions and exclusions of this package?
2. What restrictions does the venue have in place?
3. Does the venue have an on-site coordinator or event manager who can help out with the planning and logistics?

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Related to facilities and logistics:
1. Does the venue have sufficient parking space?
2. What is the accessibility of the venue like?
3. What facilities does the venue have for the bridal party?

Regarding the payment:
1. What is the total amount you’ll be paying for the venue? Are there any hidden costs?
2. What is the amount of deposit for the venue?
3. What are the terms and conditions associated with cancellation?

Add your queries to this list and make sure you clear all your doubts before you make a payment and sign the contract.

Take a look at prospective locations personally, and see how they fit into your vision for your special day. It’s best if both partners could do this together. Shortlist a few, compare their pros and cons, and then make a well-informed and well-thought-out decision. Once you’ve signed the contract, a major portion of your wedding preparation will be out of the way. You can then take a breather before you move on to the next round of preparations.

by Victoria Riddler
photography credit: Ryan Hamilton Photography

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