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The 6 C’s You Must-Know from Michelle Demaree

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If you are one of the 2.3 million couples getting engaged this year, you are sure to set yourself apart by being in-the-know. Most websites will tell you about the 4 C’s of diamonds, but there are 2 more C’s that must be considered too.

1. Cut – Cut determines how intense the sparkle of her diamond is. Of all the diamond 6Cs, CUT is the most complex and technically difficult to analyze. Excellent and Very Good cut diamonds have the highest light return. Each diamond is graded and priced for cut based on its proportions in symmetry and polish.

2. Color – The GIA diamond color chart has six categories, ranging from completely colorless to lightly colored. Remember lower color grades have a more noticeable warm to yellow hue. Colorless is always ideal (D,E,F) but commands a higher price tag. Near colorless (G,H,I,J) works for certain shapes but the sweet spot tends to be G color.

3. Clarity – Clarity is the measure of how many internal inclusions or external blemishes a diamond has. Skilled graders use 10x magnification to find tiny imperfections not seen by the naked eye. I never let my clients overspend on clarity and make sure to select stones with ideal inclusions. Certain shapes will show clarity more than others, and there are certain inclusions which are less visible than others.

4. Carat Weight – Carat weight is the measure of a diamond’s weight. Carat weight is typically the biggest factor in determining the price of the diamond. Not all carats are created equal – meaning some 4 carats look bigger than others.

5. Certification – It’s a good idea to get a GIA-certified diamond if your budget allows. Remember there are other certification agencies such as EGL and AGS but remember to go one notch up in color and clarity to achieve the same GIA cert status on your stone. This is why GIA stones command a higher premium than all other certified stones.

6. Character – My additional metric is Character. Character is a quality that is indiscernible on a certificate and only determined by the eyes and heart of the beholder. Keep in mind that despite matching certificates, no two diamonds emit the same energy, sparkle and personality and you will know which diamond is right for her when you see it.

It is important to know that finding the perfect diamond is an art, not a science. It is never the certificate that dictates a beautiful engagement ring. It is an x-factor diamond sourced for her and a bespoke setting to make it sing.


Everything You Need To Know About Engagement RingsMichelle Demaree is a Beverly Hills-based Engagement Ring Concierge
where she works with celebrities and high-net worth individuals to help
them procure the perfect engagement ring. To find out more about
Michelle please visit www.missdiamondring.com or email

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