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Written by Macey Grant

The stress placed on brides and grooms-to-be is heavier than ever. With all of the uncertainty and fear going on in our external environments, adopting practices to keep yourself anxiety-free is essential.

The Southern Bride Tribe is here to inform you of the extraordinary benefits of utilizing meditation as a mindfulness technique throughout any wedding planning jitters you may experience. Releasing negative thought patterns and shifting your perspective will help assist your daily life to flow with more ease.

Adopt Meditation As A Mindfulness Technique To Cope With Wedding Stress Macey Outside
Adopt Meditation As A Mindfulness Technique To Cope With Wedding Stress Macey At Beach

Why should I meditate?
During meditation, you are able to slow down your brain waves and uplift yourself into a higher state of consciousness. By doing this, you are able to become more aware of your thoughts and redirect the thoughts that are no longer serving you. This process alleviates your stress levels and promotes happiness. Meditation is a simple way to reduce tension in all parts of the body and increase your concentration levels. Meditating has also been known to have a remarkable influence on common health conditions as well as terminating addictions.

A popular neuroscientist and international lecturer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, has been working towards demystifying meditation and spreading awareness on the infinite potential that lies within each of our minds. Dr. Dispenza said, “Meditation allows us to change our brains, bodies, and state of being. Most importantly, we can make these changes without having to take physical action or have an interaction with the external environment. Through meditation, we can install the necessary neurological hardware of our ideal self.”

Benefits of meditation in relationships
Meditation has been known to bring more harmony into relationships. Try meditating with your partner to amplify the peace and love between you, and watch the magic unfold as you develop this life-altering practice with one another. You could try to set the intention to visualize your dream wedding day during this process. If you find your mind wandering, try to focus on the gratitude and love you have for your blessings and fiancé.

Incorporating meditation into your daily routine
Setting aside a few minutes for yourself in the morning to meditate, and visualize how you intend for your day to go, will have a tremendous constructive influence. Adding this practice to your morning routine will set the tone for a more optimistic day ahead and enhance calmness in potentially stressful interactions. Practicing meditation right before you go to sleep at night will also boost a deeper night of rest. After becoming more consistent in your meditation practice, you will be absolutely amazed at the results.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. You can practice lying in your bed, sitting in a chair, on a nature walk, etc. The most important thing is to unplug and be distraction-free. Meditating to binaural beats, listening to guided meditations, or classical music could be helpful tools on your meditation journey. Keep a journal close by to write out and release negative thought patterns you may pick up on.

About the author:  When Macey isn’t chatting with a Southern Bride client (she’s one of our Sales Managers!), you can most likely find her meditating, reading Tarot cards, or cultivating herbal tea blends. She’s driven by uplifting her community and spreading conscious awareness to her peers. Her daily motto you ask? Finding bliss through nature. Learn more about Macey or request a virtual reading here:

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