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We are loving the topic today on the SB Blog: 8 Tips For a Pinterest Worthy Wedding.  Our awesome and creative intern, Scottie, has shared some of these great tips for you to consider as you plan your “Pinterest Worthy Wedding.” Take note!

1. Pick a THEME and stick with it.

This is important. With Pinterest, magazines, and tv shows, there are so many outlets for inspiration and sometimes we can get overwhelmed with good ideas. It’s important to stay focused on one theme (maybe two). For example, if you’re going to have a vintage themed wedding, try to stick to an era. Don’t mix the roaring 20’s with the mod 60’s, it’s just confusing. If you’re going to have fairy tale aspects, don’t mix in Americana. Just stay focused on your theme and don’t get too crazy. ::wink, wink::

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2. Pick a COLOR scheme and stick with it.

Picking your color scheme is really important. We highly recommend doing a little color research before you commit and not just going with your favorite color. Certain colors are seasonal, certain colors don’t photograph well, some colors may look great together in person but will clash badly on camera. Once you pick your main color, check out the color wheel and see what color families compliment that color. You can choose a color that is found next to your main color on the wheel or choose a color directly opposite on the wheel. If you feel like you need a little help, theperfectpalette.com is an excellent resource for picking your color scheme.

3. Don’t be afraid to DIY!

Sometimes in order to get things done, you just have to do it yourself, am I right? Getting crafty for your wedding decor can really add a personal and unique touch to your ceremony or reception. As I’m sure you all know, there is an abundance of outlets for great DIY tutorials. Check out blogs, pinterest, and youtube. There are so many resources. If you don’t feel like your crafting skills are up to snuff, enlist your crafty friends or family members (we all have that one friend who is clearly channeling Martha Stewart).

4. Think about how things will photograph.

Have you every been watching The Red Carpet coverage for an award show and heard the announcer say “Oh this dress is so beautiful in person, but it just doesn’t photograph well?” You don’t want that at your wedding. Make sure you take pictures of yourself in the dress, take pictures of samples for decor, take pictures of table-scapes, take pictures of everything before your big day and make sure they look just as good on camera as they do in person. Remember, there are certain things that don’t photograph well, for example, the color orange, anything with low lighting, candles, anything facing a sunset, or any images during the middle of the day, are not going to photograph the best.

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5. Don’t skimp on the photographer.

Your wedding is just one day out of your life, but your wedding pictures last forever. 50 years from your wedding day, you’ll be pulling out those pictures and showing your grandchildren the day you got married. Also, if we’re really talking about a Pinterest worth wedding, you’ve got to have great shots, right? Seriously though, interview several wedding photographers and make sure they seem knowledgeable and willing to give you exactly what you want. This site has a very helpful guide on how to choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding.

6. Utilize the Internet.

Use Pinterest (a lot), but don’t miss out on other great inspirational sites like weddinggawker.com and of course southernbride.com! Create your board on Pinterest (maybe even a few secret boards) and then pin your inspirations from the other sites onto your Pinterest boards.

7. Don’t skimp on the flowers.

Flowers are a big deal. People always think “oooh we’ll just buy our own flowers wholesale and then put them together ourselves.” No. Hire a florist. Flowers make a huge visual impact on your wedding and they smell great, and make people feel happy. Honestly, flowers can make or break your wedding and you can never have too many. I know they are expensive, but it’s better to skimp in other areas and bump up your flower budget.

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8. Time management.

No one is going to do this for you (unless you pay them too, and even then, who knows if they’ll really accomplish your vision) so you need to get organize and plan accordingly. Don’t leave any DIY projects to the day of or the day before your wedding. Have absolutely everything ready to be set up and go at least 3 days before your wedding date. Pinterest is not filled by people who procrastinate.

And brides, don’t forget to visit Southern Bride’s Pinterest board (pinterest.com/sbmagazine) for Southern Wedding inspiration galore!

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floral design: Flowerbuds Inc.

photo: Eternal Reflections Photography by Alyson



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